Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Soul Pokemon Silver Walkthrough Part 3 English is a boy Badass

Before it's time for my Badass !!!!!!!!!!!! Path Frikes Italian If you have further questions PM me or leave a comment do not forget to vote and comment Fav Sub First, it was the first to be hated Nintendo has confirmed a 2009 release of Pokémon Silver Soul and Heart of Gold remake of the DS main Pokemon Games Generation II, gold and silver, which was originally for Game Boy Color in 1999 appeared in Japan. Speculation by fans for development since the disclosurePokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are remakes players back in the region of Johto, Kanto to the west - this time as the Generation IV games. The games will most likely be able to play Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Data Connect Soul Heart of gold and silver is shown to be released in Japan this fall, Sept. 12, the 10th anniversary of their original version. News International Press will probably be early 2010


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