Thursday, 12 August 2010

Action Packed costumes for players

Apparently, playing video games is the new national sport! According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), over 65% of American households play computer or video games, and spend more than $ 9,000,000,000 for the games, have tripled since 1996. Everyone likes playing video games, not only children, EAS reports that the average player is 35 years and won in 13 years. And not for all men "," gamer picture - 40% are women.

WhenHalloween or a video game convention rolls around, the players always seem to want to dress like one of their favorite characters. Spending so much time online playing on the console or mobile devices, it's no wonder why they are interested! Although some people might frown on the influence, and even set time limits screen thinking, 63% of parents, video games have a positive influence on their children after EAS. So go ahead and dress in costume and enjoy all the gamesNews and entertainment.

A first selection of costumes for the game characters are Mario Brothers franchise, including Mario and Luigi. Dress in a costume of Mario or Luigi costume an entire world, "observed the election, the measure whole family. Enter the character be compressed easily by buying a Halloween costume or a homemade version of great emphasis costume accessories. Mario wears blue overalls with a long sleeve shirt and red "M" of the CAP and Luigi is alsoBoiler suit, but with a green shirt and "L" of the CAP. oversized gloves, white mustache and a cartoon complete the look.

Another good idea to dress for the events of video games, particularly for adolescents and adults is to disguise himself as a character from the Halo games, especially the Master Chief. Originally, a DC Comics superhero, what video game character of a façade creates a violent game trip. A replica of Master Chief Halloween Costume features a body completely filled with a love for body and helmet.Since Master Chief is known as an expert on weapons of intimidation, including weapons of problems with the costume Halo as guns, flamethrowers, rocket slide and more.

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