Friday, 20 August 2010

Pokémon Advance Trade Links Visualboy with 1.8 without errors affiliation

You VBALink 1.8 LAN / WiFi Edition: that you can not use trade Pokemon Link tell VBA. With this video, which will help you with Pokemon to use this emulator. VBA Link 1.8, you can connect up to four Game Boy emulator. Pokemon Fire Red-users: You can save and trade your Pokemon ROM, because you have problems with the backup type. Follow this step, open the emulator, then click the type of option-emulator-save mark Flash and 64 KB of flash memory or 128k.To trade Pokemon, follow this video. I use VBA Link 1.8 and works .* second method (when the first method does not work for you): Be sure to save the settings, 64 in Flash and Flash (Save emulator type Flash and Flash 64) If you do this and then the 'error on the second circuit section, download the game in the first and immediately save the game with the emulator (Shift + Fx). After the two games are back, and if you get the error "circuits" in the second game, load yourSaved game from the emulator and load the game normally first. * I can not guarantee 100% in two trading Pokémon with this method. Solution for file corrupt: 1 Open your original VBA second Open your pokemon version and save the file that you record from the third File - Export File Battery - save from 5 fourth VBA. Sixth open 2 'Link' VBA follow internal controls of the VID match 7. 8 pokemon free file. File - Import - Drums File - Open the ninth Commerce today: D How to fix "TheInside ...

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