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How to play cards Battle Game

In early 1990, "Steve Jackson" came with the concept of negotiation, popularly called the fight card announced. There are a number of games as well. The cards are interconnected by rubbing scratches on each card, look for the blood fought under. The information on these cards were distributed between. Console battle card games are in a different way of collecting playing cards.

Card Battle is probably the easiest game in the casino. The objectivethe game is to reach a value higher than the dealer's cards. Who is higher in the case wins.In card playing field for all participants are presented with a war and a reset button.

Battle of rules multiplayer maps theater

In the construction of a multi enemies or adversaries Game.The theaters are on the opposite side. Play ZING subsidence usually occurs on the table. If fighting is in the game, when the attacker wants the fight to begin. Players can engage inbattles simultaneously. Some battles allow the forces of several countries on one side. These battles as the Battle of France, and others state that countries can. In the treatment of these clashes, with all the forces are called into battle on the one hand, as if the army itself. Battle cards have slowly and steadily gained in popularity and in 1993 the cards were issued to combat the publication of Merlin. The cards in envelopes containing ten cards that arrive in anVariety of card battle system, like the warrior cards, draw cards, research papers and treasure maps, etc. These cards, also known as scratch cards and scratch or kill or to kill, play.

Scratch Warrior are 25 points on the board. They are divided into various sectors, like the three points of life, a scholarship point four pieces, six-point arm, leg six points and five places. each arm, head and body under section leg or nothing or a drop of red blood.Under the scholarship point is a number. To play any warrior chooses a card from warrior. Like a coin, one player is chosen at random to go first, then the first player scratches his head, arms, legs, body or points will be repeated from time to time new players from scratches and the process. After scratching the side of Commons, the player may receive a grant from the map. There are some steps that follow to decide how to play are:

1) Mix the cards and distribute anyCard to the players.
2) The cards are distributed and maintained so that all can see that the top of the card.
3) The player to the left of the dealer starts the game and the one with the highest value wins the left.
4) Next, the designer chooses a winner from the next card.
5) If there is a relationship between two people who share the same value at the top, then all the cards in the middle of competitors and the same player chooses the other the same carddefined.

The person who wins all the cards the player wins the game.

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