Monday, 9 August 2010

Katara - Avatar Last Airbender Characters

Katara is a girl's character in the cartoon TV Show - Avatar The Last Airbender. Was fourteen years old girl who had supernatural powers, and the water could be managed. She was admitted water and Bender was the only member of his tribe that the water could be managed.

The warriors of the Fire Nation, which often attack their villages. They attacked all the other villages and tribes and Earth Benders. He takes everything in their path. And once, when theRaiders of the Fire Nation have come to save the mother Katara to save her daughter as a single girl Bender water to the left of this tribe in this region, in exchange for water Bender Hello, you devoted his life.

Katara does not live alone. He had a brother, Sokka, who had no special powers, but he was a warrior. It is worth noting that there is a very funny, very ironic, but very dedicated and as a brother and a friend. But they were left to their families.Once, when they were fishing, have found an iceberg, and looked into a boy. Feeds an iceberg and then broke his release. He revealed that there is an Avatar - Aang and his bison - Appa. They were very happy to see, because there was no news of Avatar the last 100 years. They were all very friendly. Katara and Sokka Avatar Nation joined his brother working on saving the world by fire, and traveled with him around the world and to the extentpossible to help Aang fulfill his mission.

As Bender water was very young, so when she travels with Aang, she also wanted to expand their knowledge, skills, how to better manage water. So if you learn to use it, he studied with great enthusiasm. After falling into his hands the manuscript on water management. She has studied with Aang. He wanted to expand its capacity to manage water, but had to learn that AangHome.

Water Bender Young time to time to remember his grandmother. She remembered her grandmother as a necklace, pendant around his neck, she was worth much. Later, the chain has helped a lot. He had a meeting with the best teachers Water Bender, who has never been the teaching of girls. He bent to handle not the girls with their powers. By the way, Katara might well which could be healed with his powers. After learning master AangFire accidentally burned Katara hands. And she was immediately cured of his powers.

People say the old Master Water Bender him that his place with other women, the wounded were said to have 'treated. But I disagree. It 'been a dispute in progress and the master, has called for a duel, can show what they are. Naturally, since water Bender beginners and less experienced, was lost the duel. When you fight, lost his grandmother necklace for him. WhenFighting ended, the old master noticed on the floor and lift. He remembered that this is the same necklace that he gave his bride - Katara's grandmother. As it turned out that a good teacher, but he was stubborn grandmother boyfriend. Then the heart of the old master cast, and decided to learn to allow him a Waterbending.

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