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Red Faction - Guerrilla - red Better dead

Red Faction Guerrilla, begins with you as Alec Mason, a little sunburn, and perhaps more mature man, larger than earlier in the SPF. Alec only one less than the full head of hair, a game a lot of guests from him soon ... I do not think that he is bald, but he is bald. Alec is on Mars and meets his brother, who quickly through the power of EDF Earth Defense or killed. The EDF soldiers were apparently good friends of the people of the first game Red Faction, but Somehow went wrong, and that on Mars and, in contrast to the good will of the people!

Mason then joined the guerrilla movement against the EDF their first duty is to liberate a number of city or community, "the presence of EDF. The first city to Parker clear, there are a series of guerrilla actions to carry out one and most are easily arranged plan for the red group of guerrillas.

For example, you can help to destroy the partly owned EDF or specific targets for > Red Faction. It can also destroy targets EDF are easily marked on the map. The EDF kidnapped and keeps the group members, which are cheaper, makes these activities (which are optional) will increase the morale and restore points that you can improve your weapons and buy new more powerful. There are large missions (which are necessary to achieve) that fills up when you need to get to the next area for free.

The motto of> Red Faction is: "Better red than dead" / "In March, for free, or death!" And the logo of the hand with a hammer is very well maintained since it relates to disorders that Red Faction is to ... It is very common, what is cool shining! Mason has his own hammer can break things and get the save.

Should I call quite good for free on Parker and the surrounding environment, the dust, I discovered that much to do. I reached a missionraiders mysterious (the people are like sand, like in Star Wars), a secret organization that had to fly. I decided to map more clearly, but before missions. I found the gun and the electric charge to shoot a combo are pretty well together.

The Electric Rifle troops EDF stunned then run them and beat them with a tactical melee kills, then the energy savings, because you can delete and EDF several at a time ... to 3 at once! Then,Shotgun, I found is really good and strong, and blows away an enemy EDF really well with one shot. You should also keep in mind that you do not have to complete various tasks in a ... What I mean is that you must not only rays etc, we can do much to start the game, and is a good strategy, I find that when I'm outnumbered I installed in a vehicle and head out the Conflict Zone ... This restoration of my health and I'm back andContinue the fight, killing everyone in sight! Of course, the Fed often follows, but you can get new health, if you enter a vehicle, the health status of the vehicle appears to be "healthy" again allowed.

Hells Bells!

Towards the end of the game on fire free zone is a sniper mission, which is very difficult because the Fed is very common in this battle and the crown are all these people running around million, meet and get to skip OftenHell! It took me a few times to do this right. First, I found the first three snipers on the roofs of the EDF for the two buildings, you know that your mines, etc., and reduction of the two buildings, but it would be helpful in reducing your ammo, and you want once, the buildings are that much support, if you played the game, you know what I mean.

Some buildings of the group after two explosions, and others are built much better, and take many, many moredown. In any case, I realized best to avoid many of EDF soldiers are everywhere, and I mean Rocket Launcher equipped and Nano Laser Rifle, this convention I ran through the troops and then quickly to the first track above the first building, snipers, usually a good position with a rocket hit him fast enough.

Then, the jet-pack (which I bought, of course), I jumped over the railing, where I have a good starting point for the next building whereSniper is through the window and saw the other snipers on the roof! I am the Sniper Rocket through the window (usually an easy kill) and then I move a bit 'for the left and hit the third on the roof of the second building of Sniper (It takes about 3 or 4 rockets convince him to be dead.. . But do not give up if it needs more curious ... on the plateau, not a lot of laps with the regular EDF ... So you get five other snipers.

Are far enough ...You have to go through the tunnel to reach great heights and must spend a large number of regular troops ... ignore them, not to fight, just keep running on two buildings where the five other snipers. Go down the corridor to the end and leave the building, the sniper will find that the Fed (in white, as the shock troops), all windows are designed for you, and down the aisle, you have coverage little out of placeThe sniper fire ...

I lined up the snipers with my Rocket Launcher, and then have the destruction of tall buildings, where the search if you're lucky, you approximately 3 to so quickly and then 'tag' the rest of their series with very long and nano precision ... it takes about two shots with a sniper from the EDF. You must work fast because the Fed is regular everywhere, but that a number of times you get toVictor!

The last mission was the end of the mission, where EDF a couple of things to do to ensure that the ship is destroyed in the earth, and Mars is called Hydra decimate the Red Faction. A mission requires that you have a great reservoir of rocket engine designs that go deep, you must get to the top of the mountain, which is very, very well protected, with tons of tanks and soldiers. I continued to jump and when I finally do, I didthe lighthouse was not until later that I realized I had left the tank and on foot!

Once you reach the top, you have to jump the gates "to allow a couple of Hydra Red Faction Special Nano and rocket fire load. What brings you to the final sequence.

It 'was difficult and unpleasant having to start all the time with the tank again, if ... quite useless as I had done 50 times! Prefer not repeated many times, and hopeThe next Red Faction game accounts, savings should be much more user friendly!

Red Faction: Guerrilla is a pretty good game all in all.

During the game I did not do too many missions, decided to have some 'boring for my taste. For me it was better to concentrate on the destruction of the EDF activities aim high drive the game forward.

I hardly need to have many things to do and wouldrather let the hostage raid in many situations and out of the game and instead the actions are making increasingly important and necessary for the game ... sure, would do less, but the story would be more emotion and detail that all actions and point of the conspiracy were significant.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is a fun and intense. A good series, which can improve with age.


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