Friday, 16 July 2010

All about Call of Duty - Black Ops

created the phenomenal success of Modern Warfare 2 is quite moving in the gaming community. And 'natural that players expect another exciting sequel to Modern Warfare 2. The wait is over, because now there's an official announcement for the release of Activision's Call of Duty Series 7 units. The game development started in April 29, 2010 under the wing of Treyarch, a subsidiary of California-based Activision. The release date shouldin ninth place in November 2010.

Now, is silent as to the date of publication. We go to some stupid fan questions and speculations. The release of the official trailer of the game left many of us have many questions. A question that is the scene of the game.


Although the trailer has shown us clearly Clips equipment of war as the Vietnam War Huey, M-16 and AK-47 soldiers and gear personal 'time, we can not predict whether theAnti Main room is deep in the rice fields of Vietnam. I saw the trailer a couple of times, and it was a very brief example of a blackbird on Afterburner. I'm sure there is a Lockheed SR-71 because of its shape - the two engines on two bright orange delta-shaped wings. This bird was commissioned in 1964, in the midst of the Vietnam war-war. At the beginning of the trailer, it seems that someone, perhaps an American soldier, judging from the movies is the case, tryregained consciousness as he spoke some Russian accent fool helps the soldiers to remember something.

As in the previous episode of the series, the soldier in the trailer trying to remember the bitter battles in the past. There's also a scene where a helicopter targets hammers land, the view of the pilot. This could indicate that there are some in the game you can use a helicopter gunships and ground targets in a buttonModern Warfare original price if you were the shooter fires one AC-130, in support of brigade commander. I missed the opportunity of its kind in Modern Warfare 2 I read some questions on some forums about the game, it asks if you drive tanks. What were the followers, there is no tank in sight. If the game is set in Vietnam, then it will be a very small chance of the usefulness of the tank. Probably just another scene Gritty armored everything ICare.

The Real Deal

Although still a long way to go until the release of this rate, we can assume, judging from the title, the plot would be made by several CIA covert operations during the Cold War. The real life of undercover units in the distribution of the CIA in questionable acts all over the world, was particularly during the height of US-Soviet stand-off involved. The missions of the game may be a direct allusion to someGovernment issued information about activities in Eastern Europe, Vietnam and Cuba I think that there is no precise date of call in the game, but probably focus on 60 and 70 of the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam and Watergate. Kennedy's assassination would surely be mentioned here. Anyway, this game will definitely put a big bomb when released. With a variety of entertainment news, COD: Black Ops is definitely GOFirst page.

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