Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The appeal of Pokémon Rubino

Pokémon Ruby has the same charm, the same call as all the other Pokemon games. The concept behind this game is simply great, perfect, in this type of Simple Genius "mode. Not that there's an idea of what is success will be brilliant, but only that there is a good idea of how strange it was Pokemon capitalized in the past. It 'really quite obvious if you think about.

The complaint? These games combine almostAll children love. The most striking aspect of this, the basis of what these games are all about, is the joy of collecting. In real life, the cost of collecting a lot of money, and you can turn a Rat Pack in a video game, there is room for many points as possible to find, and then must work the player, no cost (to be well, your parents) money.

The resulting game is exciting, which is part of every game and I hope to return the playeragain, but because of work with what you want to participate to win the game, is the type of dependency, where you want a break from time to time it would take to complete. It's a fun job, but "Catch'em all!" You have to hunt too. Some games a child can sit and play for sixteen hours a day if you let them, but you know that Pokemon rhythm and things to make it difficult or 1: He was bored because it is right for itself, and 2: It 's too easy to play all day it.

Secondly, the games are always really cool look, sound and feel like it. The game takes place in a friendly atmosphere that feels, but fascinating. For parents it is a nice change with plenty of violent games out there. There is a sense of danger that are part of a great adventure game, but you know the real content of the game play is something a child without asking some difficult questions for an hour later.

And thirdly, the context. The> Pokemon games ever in a world that is not very different from that of the players. Thanks to modern children as protagonists, and the hero always seems a city not very different from the reader. If the names of those players to the character, you can easily see the location of their video game counterparts.

Really, if you will, is a game that appeals to children, what are the three notes taken, and Pokemon Thereforesucceeded where so many imitations have failed.

So what Ruby, add the bread? Top: Double Battle! In this way the instructors not one, but the ring to fight two Pokemon. It 's more fun to learn the time to develop more complicated than we try, with only one Pokemon. Also, if you have two favorites, no longer need to choose one or the other!

Another interesting feature is the way the game said, pursuesIn real time. This has a significant impact on the game. For example, plants grow in Berry reality in real time, the tides are influenced by time of day and so on. This is a whole other level of depth helps to create an atmosphere of game

And of course as always there to pick up some new players.

Overall, ruby, sapphire, is an interesting voice in the series, and one of the most entertaining to date.

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