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Battlefield 2142 review by a newbie

The basics of the game Battlefield, there are two great teams race around a large map to try to maintain control of more than five specific points (flags). To achieve this, each player can choose from a variety of specialized functions, and each team has a number of vehicles.

Previous Battlefield games around the way Conquest game, which remains unchanged in 2142, as I can see the beginning. While there are some variations, the generalProblem that every team starts with a limited number of times can respawn, players, and exhausted, with more than half of the flags, and less enemies (like killing it). I loved it, and only a select few cards in this mode.

Boarding APC by Titan Titan is essentially a development of the conquest - you are always running, trying to capture flags (now in the form of missile silos), but this time they are used for a tangibleObjective. Each team has a gigantic Titan airship as an important base, missile silos and caught fire at regular intervals to slowly destroy the enemy Titan. This gives a much better feeling that your actions have accomplished something - lift the lid, missile launch control, a notice of permanent teeth bar speakers opposing Titan. After inflicting enough damage on Titan, you can stick with the victory from boarding. I took this action andGoal of the game oriented much more satisfactory.

The safety of troops in an airlift. Players must be aware of the learning curve in the battlefield is very long and steep, exacerbated by the benefits of having ready (see below). Expect to install and hammered a shoot-em-up in the first sentence may feel clumsy fingers research between the variety of combinations of buttons and all that is best discussed with a little 'patience. Do not be too worried about joiningOnline there is a single player to collect basic experience, but in contrast to the small players to play team games are ineffective absorbed by the large number, I know, if s' charge of transport, crush anyone Noticed Troops . But seriously, please stop stealing the transport of troops below.

Do not leave the vehicle quickly. It takes time to learn the number of deaths that can very frustrating to be out of your control seems to be reducing, "Favorites" in the air one second one reproductiverushes, so that a vehicle as it moved an inch longer, burst into a thousand pieces on the ground, while not miserably empty the tank a couple of leaves smaller, overwhelmed walk yet or the tiny machine guns' sudden order to return "to 10" without apparent cause, even in the console. If you can control, the original request, wipe your PC game is lucky bastard torture hard drive with a lighter and a knife, there are a lot of fun to bewas.

There is a strong vehicle. BF combat veterans often the car is much less biased than the previous games where it will be really bad. Are much more powerful infantry, which (especially on the demo) is unlikely to cause damage to the tank at all. While the full game, players experienced engineer to acquire weapons that are much more effective, always reserved for infantry closeobjectives.

Objectives as things are much more balanced, so that the vehicle is the responsibility of engineers subtle. The cover should be used as identify the gaps in the armor, an obvious choice for the extraction and heavy artillery still offer other courses of infantry a chance. It remains, however, that you have very limited use, without transport. If you lose your car in one of the blanks, expect a long, long time useless. Fortunately, the car will spawn areasVehicles in Titan mode, and suicide is a button on the screen, select the class.

The more efficient vehicles, helicopter gunships and walkers are also the most popular - with 16 + players on your team, and usually have only one or two for all the best men do not work very often. BF games are often presented as a "sandbox" experience, and certainly the players can find a variety of ways to be useful, but can also be restrictive to what extent playersPowers specialized vehicle in a ballot. Instead, the player must be the goal of achieving the objectives to be addressed, making use of what is the time for shame - so that the number of medals awarded are available (which points to a substantial release) are rare goal Note that aimed to destroy any "number of the Titans' medal, but there should be one to spend 10 seconds in a parachute (also very good Halo MedalA free-fall time ...)

With many goals and people to fill them, they can download games for a SCRABBLE from a skirmish, the reader may feel a little left around aimlessly. And 'quite a contrast when you get a good leg, with the railway system is properly designed small players, teams that work - teamwork is very popular in 2142, both in results and divided by the artificial points system. games from other clans, usually limited to a pool of up to 8 playersLaughing the huge army of clans that exist on the battlefield. Clanning is the battlefield, often more targeted public servers, though - it quickly becomes clear that all the loose association of players consistently found to be able to join a solid team. A good team makes a difference in a game that is fun and a game that can be fun.

In addition, each party may spend one master player who commands the crew, as well as other functions such as movingTitan to use airstrikes or drops of supplies. A good commander and provides leadership team cohesion, which significantly increased the odds. Unfortunately, the situation is not always attract good leaders and commanders do not earn high points for help. The electoral system should finally resolve the failure of standard cast hours, lack of participation, which should improve with time.

Graphically, the graphics, the work can be very good andprobably deserves some credit, if it is aesthetics. Anyone can propose an idea * various screenshots, movies, and demonstration, but it is interesting to note the performance is actually quite good. Help with a 7800 GTX, AMD64 3700 + with 2 GB of RAM works on all high settings, maybe not spectacular, but great outdoors can be a lot if the server can have 'to 64 players. However, I eventually turns into a combination of medium to low settings,Visibility is much better (no config refine BF2142 important, and no widescreen option notice). Both teams are to be distinguished even easier for the infantry, is black with some white, some 'less black and white contrast. In practice, friend or enemy of the color of the name is identified hovers over them.

Creative X-Fi line of cards are made from the game and the options screen, it seems that you want to make the best sound effects.Sticking with my old Audigy However, the sound is very impressive, but hard to find fault. Gunfire sounds enough meat, vehicles enough ... Engine, perhaps we could better positioning in stereo mode.

This can be a problem, but given the volume of things that are stacked on my 512k connection should be unhappy, I must say that is not usually NETCODE evil. the game is not very sensitive to the "withdrawal" of skills, then a small amount of offset is not the consequences couldother games. 32 players servers are my columns and if you choose carefully, the difference is not a problem on the 64-nonsense player, is much worse, but better than I expected.

I'm not a big fan of experience points "artificial systems bring benefits to their players n00bs so much easier, you can probably guess my opinions about what makes them under the guise of constantly unlocked." Furthermore, a significant investment of time required before it can betotally versatile. Some "unlocked" the weapons are much higher than those initially available to meet the needs of a sentence. The term does not mean you get more rewards for your efforts, and maxing options for a specialized class is pretty simple. Crap turn? At least you have some points to unlock the next.

With a great franchise, each new version brings a lot of complaints from some quarters of the game. 2142 is no different, withThe main criticism is that 2142 is a major change or expansion of BF2, a game they felt was not adequately supported. As a beginner, Battlefield, for me the game is pretty cool, no matter whether it is better or worse, but whether it is good entertainment. I can not judge the arguments of the veteran of evidence BF2142 will not feel complete and polished.

A press admires almost 18 "monthDevelopment ", but is a bit 'of time for a triple A titles, and it shows. Many aspects of the game feeling a need to work six months to put together good well. Particularly Concerned Titan mode, both within and players often stick with what they are whistling probe hidden behind walls, mines float through solid walls, "comes through Titan injured players which makes it difficult to revive. I will not moan about all the bugs, because bugscan be patched away - most of which I find very annoying, stop it already should be noted, even if some of these issues was certainly not gone unnoticed During quality assurance tests.

A cynic might wonder if you share a smile or two days in the offices of id Software. Enemy Territory Quake Wars and BF2142: two games was obviously the competition will be published at the same time. Id maybe throw in a given pressure of Red Herring and shows peak at EA to be the first on the market?BF2142 has been released as announced significantly for several months too early, so that ETQW has a delay of several months - may happen when it is over? Manufacturer of PC gaming, id Software included, seem generally more concerned about the state of the competing gaming platform, but if I fall for a trick on someone so I bet all my chips on the EA had.

Battlefield franchise is a cash cow for EA, and the milk lasts. When you open the box, you will discuss with the famousdisturbing layer of paper, a flyer Creative X-Fi, and a brochure will be an announcement on page 21, the "Official Game Guide (installation manual is 24 pages). When installing the game, you are prompted to install the software, GameSpy, and if you do not always choose copy files to your hard drive, and passed an invitation to install it on the Start Menu folder. Then you are invited to register with EA for purchase through the issuance of your personal information and completing a questionnaire, marketing. TheRequest a promised gift of any kind - not a free unlock, but a trite trick.

All angles are covered in the performance of revenue for most games is a free, dedicated server, but here is the server operators pay a license if they run on ranked Battlefield servers want. Obviously, these costs passed on to their customers, providing the public servers that the game is completely dependent.

The paper mentions refers to the control ofIn-game advertising, a topic that deserves a separate article. I'm not crazy about advertising in games, and it is difficult to imagine that it is intended as a thematic in 2142 during an ice age and the world at war. The ads have not yet been activated, but there are a large number of posters that appear suitable location, I suspect that will divert the topic a bit ', but otherwise no way. Server hosts must be terribly wrong buttocksWell, they pay for all hardware, bandwidth and maintenance not to mention (for tax Rank EA) is absolutely fundamental to the game and still the message through advertising to pay players on their servers? Consumers should ask themselves why they are in the market and still has not received any price reduction will be bombed.

Protection of copyright is further evidence of the emphasis on revenue. CD-Keys are required for installation and on-line authentication is exaggeratedrequire that the DVD player to play in online. As protection of copyright at all?

Battlefield 2142 game is fun and interesting, despite its shortcomings. Take a test site that breaks down scores by categories, and I have to give a good 7 or 8 out of 10 for each, he deserves it for graphics, sound, games - all the usual categories. A variety of other things going down, you sigh when you should smile. Sure, some ofThese problems are fixed, but if the reviews do not go then BF2 players are optimistic, despite the promises. You can not ask whether this was a very interesting game when there is less emphasis on income and development.

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