Monday, 19 July 2010

Pokemon Emerald - the last battle, Steven

Yay! When my video disadvantages red gold and silver is at Lv. 55 to add to this challenge. Now Steven Pokemon are mainly the type of steel. 1) Aggron or fighting or ground moves are made. 2) Cradily rooted (boring), but is low for a number of things.) 3) Skarmory is the simplest. Flame or electric kingdom come. Beware of good points. 4) Armaldo shallow water, the Surf is the best choice is here. 5) Metagross. Pokemon easily the most difficult of hisTeam. Meteor Mash is: 1 hit KO high, even Pokemon. Move down to earth and fire. 6) Claydol is really boring. The weakness of the Dark - but you can use Brick Break Light withdraw its screen. You can use water or ice, but he raised his special protection.

mywii Pokemon get

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