Thursday, 29 July 2010

Fix PS3 Yellow light of death - tried 3 ways to fix the PS3 yellow light of death hours

You have your PS3 suddenly stop working? You see turn three to work then stop flashing? She did not show red, yellow or green lights before stopping the boats? If so called, then chances are you are struggling with what the yellow light of death (ylod). If you want to fix the PS3 yellow light of death and I'm sure you as some options are available. Some are more expensive than others and their risks. However, ifFollow the instructions in this article, PS3 is operational shortly.

Use the first method, hairdryer

It 'pretty easy all you have to do to get a hair dryer. If a woman in the house, this should not be a problem, at least they get from a friend. Then you turn to time and ventilation openings. The air in the fryer so cool with the openings, so that the heat could be responsible YLOD get rid of. The purpose ofHairdryer it winds back and forth for 15-25 minutes until a bit 'cold.

According cool with fan

Once you are done with a hairdryer, put it in front of the fan with the console, especially for fans of the console. This will cool even more and help the transition gradual cooling. The fan blowing fan for almost 25 minutes. It seems that it takes time, but the main objective is to cool the mouthcorrect.

Then try on your PS3. It 'important to note that this method may not solve your PS3 yellow light of death permanently important. But it is likely to give you the window you need to get your CD and probably one or two days at most to go out and play. So it is likely that the YLOD return.

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