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San Lorenzo - A great Italian restaurant in Warsaw

I speak from a place where the Italians and their descendants, as I do. Or even people who are not traces of being Italian, what so ever has never denied the kindness and the joy that is the Italian table. The actual game in San Lorenzo, because the principal owner, Gianfranco, the equally charming when talking to the President of the Republic of Poland (he) can be found on numerous occasions, the lasagna bites, until you talk to a modest score.

As withMy relationship with the "San Lorenzo" E 'dates from the late summer of 2001 when I dared, in the company of my wife and daughter to a table before deciding to take this place moving. My wife and I were hungry, so we are limited to ordering a coffee for me and a cup of tea for them, while our daughter (Paullina, the star of "The Little Opera Singer"), which must satisfy their greed ordered youth Tiramisu with his favorite drink, apple juice, to rise.

I likePerson who had traveled in over 30 countries have met many a restaurant called to face not as much as the slightest connection with the country "old" as the name of 'institution or that are pseudo-Italian dishes are served, Italian. For my part, I can not pretend to have suffered from the outside or even inside, what I saw when I went to the men's room, that an Italian restaurant whose owner has been noticed. Not that the interior of this restaurantwas in bad taste, was not the case, but I've also seen places that were, if not well-established Italian. I had even been to this particular situation, before I knew, with two stories, as I often, when he visited both as a clothing store for the part under the plan and a cafeteria downstairs has been.
The interior has had to admit, I was even more beautiful than him, but I was always curious to see if the owner so Italiansthe point where both the upper and lower saw, I returned to my wife and my daughter, who had already served to join.
Tiramisu, my daughter a taste of the real thing to be ordered (which can make me a small taste), but I need proof of the authenticity of this place.

The test came, stood as Paullina, as it was 3 ½ years at the time, and knelt on the floor with a toy car he had brought with them and they play as was the focus ofplays a man with dark hair at the table and said, "Hey Pokemon" because my daughter, t-shirt popular cartoon character. The man, whose name would later discover was Enrico Buscema, Partner, will be partners in the economy Gianfranco Luces, a man who lives in Poland, fiorentina, a Polish woman whose mother was Stefania Kozlowski, a Polish singer married and lived for some years back.

E 'was nothing special, I noticed on Henry until he sat downMember of the group of people at his table, the Italian SA said I do not know what it is, but something of hearing people speak my language in a foreign land that connects me to them. Perhaps aware that this person speaks a foreign national from the same place where I'm curious to exchange impressions, or is simply in another country, but it could be what I've always tried to familiarize yourself with people who feel outside the Italian Italy.

This islarge group gave me a quick guide for me to offer my time until the party was at the next table, a small part of A. A well-dressed man who was very nice red side was left alone to talk with my chance.
"Excuse me, are you Italian? Me of coarse, addressing him in Italian, which was a little 'catch of the guard, as in Italy, he replied:" Yes, it's me and you? ". I have this point, with all his attention I said that wasAmerican, but my father is Italian, as actor Sylvester Stallone. I also proposed to his wife and son of this man, whose name escapes my memory, because they have more than 5 years I have seen. We must have talked for about 5 minutes, when Henry came to the table and I heard about the Italian, comes from me and the rest of my family.

This was my first visit to San Lorenzo, who, like most of the materials that we never forget, especially if they are not becauseHit me back the following week, 9 August. This date is important because it was the 4 years before then my girlfriend and I have our wedding vows in the Church of Holly. Our daughter is 3 years old and able to lead by pushing me and my wife, he with us this evening released relatively late. A dinner that has all the delights specially Paullina (the restaurant a special chair for her) by somebest kitchens in what is known as Italian cuisine with new wine can not be other than Italian.

Good to Know One of the things that struck me during this visit seemed that many people did not even have imagined myself where I was sitting at my desk or walking around the place with my daughter, who I was. They knew my name, I was born a writer in New York but could not speak Italian because of my father and many other things I had said everythingman with red hair in the short conversation I had with him.

Another thing was the eye of my wife and caught my (my daughter was young then) the images on the walls of all the famous people who were already there. So the place opened less than a year) are the photographs of celebrities such as Kasia Figura (Polish actress, but ultimately, this collection of photographs has been expanded to include these models were visible, whichJose Carreras, Steven Segal, Roman Polanski, Alexander Kwasniewski (former President of Poland), Lech Kaczyński (current President of Poland) and his brother Jaroslaw (current Prime Minister of Poland) and many others too numerous to mention.

The evening was a real pleasure for the 3 of us for several reasons, but mainly food was Italian. The dishes we tasted not only during the night, but many others to follow the true taste of Italy and havewith intentions of 'flu that anyone who goes to San Lorenzo, after reading this I'm losing, in which all by name.

The year was 2001, which is as expected, was in 2002. This is a year of the World Cup has seen the greatest enthusiasm for the "Squadra d'Azur," as his fans in particular Italian, but not limited to the "San Lorenzo met" their support for what would be the failure shows that South Korea's first eliminated in the quarter-finals. It 'been abitter pill for us, "Brothers of Italy" (this means brothers in Italy, to digest, but also the Italian national anthem), to see our "national football" play 4 games we had a win with 2 defeats and a draw combined.

However, he was when we lost the true nature of the person who is the dignity of that, as we have never seen him take the child to have already won World Cup on 3 different occasions and with theI hope that's best for our days' Azur.
Another consolation for us was how some of the local TV station came to our beloved San Lorenzo, nationality who were living in Warsaw, after the World Cup. Me is the happiness of those who were interviewed on television.

As they say: 'It's always darkest before "dawn sense that the time to come to Italy, like last year in the" World Cup 2006 "held in Germany. This wasFIFA World Cup in Italy for its 4th FIFA World Cup in 7 games, like the last two of the most difficult of all.
The last two games are the hardest because they are the semi-finals and finals. E 'was the first of those games against Italy against Germany, the home team, and 3 times World Champion and runner-up 7 times recovered. The second of these games pitted Italy against France, who had won in all 98 and that the team that we had removed the 86 and 98World Cup and were beaten in the final of Euro 2000.

E 'was the way in which San Lorenzo was full of people I saw on a weekly basis for 5 years and that gave me the courage to believe that the enemy can be overcome. These people finally had covered with me through the tragedy that was the last World Cup, as Italy has.

The semi-final against Germany was difficult to see howWe have seen the agony he suffered two of our recordings, press the wood in overtime, but this was the moment that you could write the word "end" in an action of relief that Italy will finally break the impasse, l 'by Grosso scored in the final minutes of occupational therapy. However, the game was not over the assessment, which remains less than a minute later when Del Piero the back of the net for the German, our second goal, we guarantee a place in he would finddef.

If the semi-final was a spectacle, then the final could not be less than tifossi brave Italian San Lorenzo, some Poles, Egypt, Russia, is preparing for what would be a game of "The Blue" La France, the winner takes all. The place was full, of course, once again last Sunday, with tensions running high as the expectations held of the world champion for the fourth time. If the truth be known, II think I'd rather be nowhere else than in San Lorenzo, with the exception of the site of the final in Berlin. Here I want to celebrate or cry with my Italian colleague, as I did 4 years ago, but winning or losing friendships fade.

The final session began with us in many tables to drink our beer and our pasta, pizza and other Italian dishes, and as is done in the course of the game, a mistake the referee gives food for Francepenalty. Penalty that led France to take the first blood, when Zidane penalty kick to give France a 1-0 start.

We went to tiffosi Italian, but far from it, because it lasted a little over 5 minutes, until the fans of San Lorenzo was once again the target when the head level with issues of Matterazzi d 'a room. As someone who has never seen his country in a final can confirm that there is nothing to see, like the notes of a country and for us was special excitement as wenot be too far away until after the end of a goal.

The rest of the game, including overtime with a score of one, that leveled a series of sanctions that have never seen before to come in at least one World Cup Italy at the beginning of the past, but I I felt deeply in our days, that all people, I do not deny it has long been known.

8 Kick sentence, again with only Trezeguet missing for France and returned to Grosso (first goal scorer for ItalyTo provide disadvantages Germany) introduces us to the promised land, our 4th title was one of us leave with less than a title in Brazil. The moment of truth has arrived with a kick to earn a goal of putting an end to all and all, would he do? Our hearts were in mouths as we have seen great step of punishment that has been converted to practice sending all into a wild frenzy that the fireworks in the street, and party all night.
Italy wins the World Cup has been wonderful and is probablyThis was, no matter where and with whom I had seen (as in 82 when we beat Germany in the last 3 to 1), but for some reason I did it in San Lorenzo - just a bit 'better mainly because all these familiar faces were there to share with me.

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