Monday, 29 March 2010

In-Depth Halo 3 Spoilers


Awesome way to the fire, three new maps, new VISR atmosphere and art style, rhythm and struggle, supplemented by the story of Halo


No updates in multi-player indicators of damage (noise)

In Depth Halo 3 Story Lines

The limited capacity, easy to die. They are used to destroy. You are in the devastated city of New Mombasa used to defend what remains. Assumes a new role for rookie instead of Master Chief, went as a new memberOnly for the defense of the desert, New Mombasa. Since there is no standard, as expected, the pension, a battle, a shock wave sentenced pod separates from your team. Unconscious for 6 hours to wake up to find the city in turmoil. Alliance forces assumed and expected that ambush unhappy soul. Your task is to discover the events to lose if that were rejected and the team.

In-Depth Halo 3 Previews

Mechanical problems and the measures:

Find articles(event view), tags (you start the next chapter), audio magazines (to reconstruct the events, and add the emotions), Night Vision Goggles (slow) mood, decreased energy, fight 10 levels when the screen is red wounded distort your opinion. Only goes away when your back is healthy, the levels of action-packed. Internet no match-up with other random players online. You need to be added to the list of friends.

Final note:

A must for your entire Halo story.Enter a different perspective of the Halo series of games. At least for those who like action.


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