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Eve Online Pirate Hunting Guide - How to make ISK by killing rats

There are a lot of ships in EVE Online, and go many places. The high-security systems are generally quite safe, as security patrols and several gun emplacements to protect itself from hacker attacks by other players. But if you want to earn money, not to be guaranteed. Want to danger. The danger stems from the possibility of attacks by pirates, and this will be your job to kill the demons scurvy. Argh!

PIRATE Hunting - Basic Strategy

Hunt pirates, ismust go to them. Pirates lurking in the asteroid belt that can be used in virtually all the solar systems discovered. The only place you will not find security 1.0. The general rule is that the low level of a dry system, the most powerful pirates inhabit its belts.

1st Jump to a system with many asteroid belt. 2nd Warp to an asteroid belt. Right click in the window for quick access to the list of celestial bodies. 3rd Look for pirates. 4th If none of the pirates there are, the next string belt.5th If the pirates are there to kill them. 6 Take their prey. Wreckage recovery if possible. 7th Repeat until you run out of ammunition, repairs, or send your prey. Go to the 8th station equip, place your loot and go and do it again.

Sounds easy, right? It is. You can do so much as you want, and until you get in over his head by a pirate attack too powerful, you can isks some fairly simple.

Start in a high securityexperiment with different types of pirates. If you have doubts about the ability to fight through the whole system of belts in stock, go to a lower security level. Remember, no less than 0.5 or if they stray into a reality very different.

PIRATE Hunting - Battle Tactics

The basics of hunting NPC does not vary much imagination in the fight game tutorial. We are the most important to avoid common mistakes. You are at the end oftutorial missions with a frigate. Stick yet. All characters above basic racial frigate skill level is recommended 4th This helps train your own destroyer or cruiser race immediately. This last option is valid only if the company access to 0.0 space. Destroyers to kill all the rats are perfectly capable of high and dry their loss is not bad, it would be almost as much as the loss of a cruiser.

class frigates (destroyersincluded) can damage the tank is not very good. For this reason, you should long-range weapons to use against NPCs. This means that the rocket and Caldari Railgun, Railgun and drones are (skills training) for Gallente, Minmatar and Amarr pilots ray laser guns. The frigates and destroyers mount "small" firearms and "Standard missile (as light by some players), so make sure you meet the right kind.

The final step is to choose the right type of ammunition. Look under "Ammunition andExpenses "in the market.

Railgun Hybrid consumes small loads. There are 8 types of rights, high-power short-range anti-matter-low-power long iron. You can start with the point, with the kind of statistical equilibrium. You can always improve a way to change your style.

For the artillery, have a look at small projectile ammunition. Once again we are presented with 8 types of munitions. EMP is the most powerful but shorter ranged species and its opposite isLead charred. Depleted uranium is the right to start on the road.

laser beam used crystal frequencies, multi-frequency short-distance, long range wireless. For your first battle, try the series. Crystals over time deteriorate. She is consumed with each shot, as other taxes, but must be replaced from time to time.

Missiles also have their unique characteristics. The four standard types of missiles have the same capabilities and performance range of damage. They differ inNature of damage inflicted on target. Make sure to use Appendix A for more information on the types of CNP and damage to more effective against them.

Once you land on a target (one of those red crosses), select it and lock it. If it's too outside the field, choose the destination, and once you approach the area covered, lock. Select the destination again and select "Orbit". Choose a list of areas (15 km is generally safe) and wait until the target is within range of your weaponsbefore the fire. You can also determine the optimal range of your weapon using the right click button on the mouse while in the area by selecting "info" and find the "optimal". You need not be the exact size, as is indeed most excellent. Above do not (if you can reach your goal at all), but lower than that of your ranged weapons work best.

After the fire opened, select a different subject and lock on it. Once the actual target is destroyed, waitstopped until the arms are to shoot (you know, have stopped firing when the weapon is the green symbol not lit), and weapons to fire the new destination. Repeat this provision, as are many enemies to their destruction.

taking damage

They are forced to take shots, and there are several ways to deal with it. Caldari ships need to focus on the preservation of their shields. Install an additional module to redirect energy shield against plate capacitor. launchers workbetter screen connected to memories, because they require more energy to fire. Gallente and Amarr can tank much more effectively with their weapons. That should at least be a bit 'weak in their laboratory Armor mounting hole. Minmatar frigates are fast and agile. You need a burner to maintain a high speed, hard to reach. This method is called "Speed-tank and working with ships of all races" at some point. Minmatar pilots can also armor repairers. OnlyKeep the golden rule of the tank in mind: Never, Never mix armor and shield tank together.


you do not want the channel to a new belt of asteroids, down 5 enemy frigates, and found that all your weapons by 3 loads. Moreover, charging will take 10 seconds, regardless of your ability and the type of weapon. It claims to take seconds, without reacting in a position to ensure that does not happen in the ten fight. used to reload all your weapons will receive once you have completed aControl and collect the loot. Also keep an eye on the supply of ammunition in checked baggage. If you go back to the station to run out and feeding.


Some pirates with ECM equipment is charged to them to stop for about 20 seconds. If they are not attacking the shields up to 20 seconds, you probably want a better ship (usually not necessary unless you upgrade at least one destroyer) or simply a string and when "are back.Unfortunately, running, and contrary to popular belief, jammer NPC, as opposed to modules ECM player can be neutralized by CCME.


Space Empire can be found directly from one system to kill targets. In 0.0, especially in a relatively safe, it is better to generate the pirate chain. You should be able to kill the rats battleship, this technique is not suitable for beginners. In a battle that lay eggs are mixed with other NPCs to kill battleships. CleanGroups that are not waterproof. After an hour, you should all battleships valuable asteroid belt due to the gameplay, each group NOC generate random, but replace the lost ship once a group is involved

Murder can be a lucrative career if done correctly. Know your enemy, know their powers and their limits (and themselves) and advance planning is key to most of your time to make some rodents. With a little 'discussion and some basic preparations, iscan begin to ISK significant.

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