Saturday, 6 February 2010

Maintained by Lizardon64 FireRed TAS (WIP)

What can I say about this race? Well this is a good WIP in my opinion. Unknown bored with the fight against Mankey Metapod, but it was necessary to bring it to level 6 (where we learn), Low Kick. Take a Pikachu was a pain in one of the causes for the management ** luck really strange in Pokemon Emerald! It seems that the game randomly installed to count how many steps in the tall grass, it is possible before the meeting, a Pokemon. So, for example - I take ten steps in the grass - if you look INE FrameI'll get a Caterpie level 3 - two-response frame can be a Weedle - and because it is rare on 12, maybe 20 images for a Pikachu. Well, I need Pokecenter forest on a project I need it later. Pikachu already flash, which is useful later. Dukky and thank you for qowaidjaqoiwdjhaoidu his beautiful voice. Thank you, Ethan a nice guy and, of course, big thanks to Rogueyoshi for encoding and download the 20-minute video, because I can: / Feel!!!!!:) Free to ask the game Total frames: 73,180 rerecords: 1378

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