Monday, 1 February 2010

10 Hot Toys For Boys This Holiday Season

Can't decide on what to get your son this holiday season? Take a look at these 10 hot toys sure to be on your boys' wish list:

1. Zhu Zhu Pets

What Is It? - Cool little motorized pet hamsters.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Son? - These little dudes zoom around, make hamster noises, and bounce off of things like they were made of rubber.
What Should I Look For? - White, Grey, and Tan hamsters; with accompanying accessories such as the Zhu Zhu hamster , Eggs hamster Zhu Zhu, and numerous other ensembles play interlocking Zhu Zhu.
Availability? - Very difficult to find. These are the hot ticket for Christmas 2009 This means that it is the best retailers online will not be willing to pay a premium for something Zhu Zhu.

2. Transformers 2 Toys

What Is It? - Giant robots fight to the ground, based on the blockbuster film "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen".
What makes this toy fun for my child? - GiantRobots that turn into different vehicles. What boy does not love this!
What do I look? - Optimus Prime, one of the "Transformers Combiner assembly robots (like Devastator), the interactive Ultimate Bumblebee Transformers Movie 2, Hummel and plasma cannon, to name a few.
Availability? - Easy to find. Many people avoid many of the giant robots.

3. Chuck My Talking Truck

What Is It? - A super happy (AUTO-movie style) TonkaDumper.
What makes this toy fun for my child? - Chuck speaks 40 phrases and sounds, and is equipped with sensors are placed in a "the child asks when equipped.
What do I look? - A dump truck red and yellow, with a big smile on his face.
Availability? - Easy to find. Chuck Talking many trucks available.

4. Twilight New Moon Action Figures

What Is It? - Another hot film franchise based on the novels dealingVampires and werewolves.
What makes this toy fun for my child? - Although earlier is aimed at boys and girls, vampires, werewolves against battles to keep and maintain a solid story for boys.
What do I look? - Made by NECA Collectibles. Highly detailed replicas of almost all the main characters Twilight New Moon.
Availability? - Easy to find. Online and in stores, that is. Neca (yet) available in all major retail chains.

5. Apple iPod Touch

What Is It? - Probably the best quality portable audio - video / multimedia device runs on Internet marketing.
What makes this toy fun for my child? - 64 GB to store music and video, iPod Apps, Web browsing, and much more in the palm of your (child) by hand.
What do I look? - Apples signing, less is more aesthetic, tactile form.
Availability? - Easy to find. Virtually all retail sales of electronics shouldmay provide an iPod Touch.

6. 7 in 1 Bakugan Dragonoid Maxus

What Is It? - Pokemon (yet?) And transformers robots in a single package.
What makes this toy fun for my child? - Six mini combine robot as "traps" to make a robot that is great, "Warriors" - ideal guide for the win against another robot warrior, with or without toys commercial paper.
What do I look? - A great dragon called "warrior" robot packing Bakugan
Availability? - Easy to find. Bakugan products are generally produced in quantities of health, particularly at Christmas.

7. Elmo Tickle Hands

What Is It? - Furry red hands Elmo for younger boys.
What makes this toy fun for my child? - A vibrant glove lets your child's play AS Tickle Me Elmo.
What do I look? - A pair of hands with his face red plush Elmo's them.
Availability? - Easy to find. Far from being difficultSNA will receive the original TMX, started the addiction.

8. Nintendo DSi

What Is It? - The latest generation of the King of Nintendo video game systems organized.
What makes this toy fun for my child? - Now with built-in cameras and audio recorders, the ISD provides a new dimension to mobile gaming.
What do I look? - The same look and packaging for the standard DS and DS Lite, with "small" on the box.
Availability? - Easy to find. The offer is a bit 'more healthilyon all major video game systems, including the Nintendo DSi, this Christmas.

9. Ultimate LEGO Building in September

What Is It? - A nice big bucket with 405 pieces of LEGO.
What makes this toy fun for my child? - That boy playing with Legos? Ultimate LEGO building set with you and your son build tubes, helicopters, cars, UFO can be almost everything to find what the imagination.
What do I look? - A cool blue boxyrecorded a Lego brick.
Availability? - Easy to find. Since you do not find the starter kit with a licensed real estate related, easy-to-be.

10. Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire Raider CS-35 Dart Blaster

What Is It? - A machine gun, Nerf style.
What makes this toy fun for my child? - The ammunition is not the largest capacity yet found a pistol nerf pump action with a system of coupled half-hour-or fully automatic Nerf dart blasting fun!
WhatI contact? - Nerf Blaster signature blue and orange, with a bass drum or packaged orange darts.
Availability? - (Mostly found) easy to use. This weapon is the nerves warmer at this time, so availability may be a small problem with some retailers lower inventory levels.

And there you have the Hot Toys for Boys "Holiday Toy List 2009. The time to find some bargain!

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