Monday, 26 October 2009

Possible Pokemon Gold & Silver Remake For Nintendo DS?

A possibly fake scan was distributed around the Internet is becoming all the Pokemon fanatic attention. It is includes a scan with two field art exposes what seems to be to a Pokemon Gold and Silver version remake for the Nintendo DS. Although I'm sure many fans are thrilled that this scan is still no confirmation about a possible new edition. Has other sources indicate that Game Freak) (developer of The Pokemon video game series, the rights to the name purchasedDusk Gold & Dawn Silver. Although the idea does not seem so unlikely, there is still no solid proof.

Pokemon Recap

In the latest versions of Pokemon (Diamond, Pearl & Platinum, a new immigration) system was installed, where Pokemon can be transferred from one of the Game Boy Advance games such as: Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald &. This addition was necessary for those dedicated educators who wanted to remain true to the Pokemon themeand set the goal of trying to catch 'em all on. There was no other way to have a full range of all the Pokemon without this migration system. With remakes of Pokemon Red & Blue version entitled Fire Red & Leaf Green for GBA, you could collect Pokemon from both Kanto and Johto regions, as in previous versions except Game Boy now transfers ruby, sapphire and emerald, or even directly to Diamond , Pearl, and Platinum were possible. Transfers from Game Boy to GBA was impossible due to an unbalanced stat Pokemon system. Outside the migration Pokemon, Game Freak utilized the GBA slot further by players to insert their old GBA Pokemon games to manipulate the phenomena of the Pokemon in certain areas that were otherwise inaccessible. So there was now a way to capture almost any Pokemon up to date, outside of Pokemon convention with special event> Pokemon.

Pokemon & Nintendo DSi

On 1 November 2008 in Japan, Nintendo released the latest version of the DS Lite, Nintendo DSi. With a host of additional changes that stood out for many Nintendo fans was that it will not support GBA cartridges. That has not set well in the Pokemon community. Although there were new features and looks most appealing, it would a big drawback for most Pokémon fans create. PokemonMigration would be impossible. It would be more fans to Keep Holding On to their Nintendo DS Lite will benefit, while the migration system was operational. Many believe that the Nintendo DSi's lack of support for the GBA, which is brewed rumors and false scans on remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver for DS, which makes it easier for the players from previous Pokemon regions without having to move the market. This would also pose a problem as for the players to leave the attempt on the GBA games, transfer orCollection of certain species which are not achieved by other means.

Poke Rap-Up

Weighed with all the facts, it's safe to say that would be a remake of gold and silver a nice addition to the Pokemon series. Me, a fan, personally I would appreciate it if a remake of those two classics. I have tons of memories with these games, but I'm also careful to keep my feet on the ground and not with my hopes too high for something you know deep down inside we all did not happen to you.For those who want to add insight to the rumors, please post a comment and add any other information regarding the dusk Gold and Silver Dawn. We can all agree that rumors or not, is the idea of a remake is not as far-fetched. =)

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