Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Orange Box Review - Too Good to be True

The Orange Box is a video game, available exclusively for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 What kind of name for a video game is The Orange Box? Who came up with a name like that? These are two questions that I can not answer, but I know that The Orange Box is an amazing arrangement. The Orange Box comes with Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode I, Episode II Half-Life, Portal and Team Fortress 2 Everyone knows the story of Half-Life 2 by now, so here in the Half-Life 2, of onePoint. The game is a direct continuation of the original Half-Life and the events transpire after the events of the original Half-Life. People are prisoners in a place known as City 17 instead. The plot revolves around the protagonist scientist Gordon Freeman, and he tries to eliminate the foreign crisis. I was with the story that impressed in Half-Life 2, because it had its fair share of poignant moments.

The gameplay in Half-Life 2 is exactly what you expect, it would be.The players are a common choice of weapons available. Some of them are machine guns, pistols, grenades, rocket launchers, and so on. Then there is everyone's favorite gravity gun. This complicated weapon can be used to launch projectiles into the air. Anything and everything can be used in conjunction with the gravity gun. For example, a piece of wood can be increased and thrown at enemies by using the gravity gun. Realistic physics is what Half-Life 2, a clearerQuality than other first-person shooter. In addition, there are some sequences of the journey into the game with Gordon's ally Alyx Vance. In addition, players will go through the game fighting against different opponents. These enemies cause zombies, aliens and other vicious creatures.

The graphics in the game seem a little on the lower end of the spectrum, and they are not necessarily the next-generation visuals. On the positive side, the animation and voice acting was superb. TheMusic has a matching figure it out. The Half-Life games have content.Half about 25 hours-Life 2 is 15 hours; Half-Life Half-Life Episode I and Episode II have five hours of each season. Next, the game comes as a portal. Portal is a puzzle game with a twist. The trick is that you are equipped with a gun that creates portals. These portals serve as exits and entries. When players pull the trigger on the gun, then opens a portal.

Another train of the shutter button isopens another portal. For example, a puzzle could be something like, at from point A to point B. However, it is not as rudimentary as. Earnest consideration must be a factor in the completion of the later puzzles in the game. The first puzzle in the game are simple, but the game becomes more difficult as you progress. Fortunately, the game does some funny moments scattered have, as you travel from portal to portal. Unfortunately, Portal is short. It is really short. I'm talking aboutshorter than Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton's musical career short. Okay, maybe not quite so short. Yet, the game is only one or two hours in length. The last and final part of The Orange Box is Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer game with many character styles.

There are nine classes in general, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. For example, an engineer in setting up a defense dominate with traps. Conversely, an outline of the human being to be brilliantTo make that explode rivals. All the characters are well balanced, so there is no one character that can overpower the other. The Orange Box is five games for the price of one. Overall, the Orange Box is more than an adequate compilation of video games, is more than just Half-Life 2

final verdict 9 of 10


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