Sunday, 25 October 2009

Boom Box 2

Boombox 2 is a puzzler Tetris somewhere in the vicinity but closer to Super Bubble Pop. They combine blocks from fire your gun on the floor, to the blocks at the top of the screen. After four blocks are connected together and burst clear from the screen. The additional strategy comes in the form of power-ups. Power-ups sometimes drop out of blocks, as they may explode. The game comes with two different modes, an arcade and have a history. The only difference is in the story mode is the goal, the clearScreen in Arcade mode, the screen always comes down. You lose if the blocks from above the line crosses at the bottom. The route is not necessarily on the ground, it's a little about your current weapon, so you have a little breathing room.


Boombox 2 is a very fun game, but only in small spurts. The game will not reach too far away from its roots. The blocks they hunt shoot into the air and repeat. This will play only flat but keep your attention for so long. At the top, agood-looking game, the music fits the game well and the sound FX are great. Minor tweaks this game would have made a big hit. Perhaps a change of scenery or a higher wage income for the extraction levels and Boombox 2 would have to play a must. If you are a good time waster in between work or just a short break Boombox 2 of the way to go.

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