Saturday, 12 June 2010

Review of Naruto Shippuden - Two Story Arc

At the end of the first story arc information revealed that Naruto and Sakura are sent on another mission almost immediately. Kakashi is in hospital after the mission (again), when Lady Tsunade assigns a new head of mission and a replacement for Sasuke reluctantly chosen by village elders.

Thus we are introduced to Sai and Yamato captain. Yamato is a member of ANBU Kakashi Sai and place is an aggravating circumstance, emotion and pain in the ass. This is asecret mission, and manages just the wrong side of both Sakura and Naruto. Some commands have an eye on Sai Yamato.

To compensate for the jump back to another mission, there are some hijenks before the action. Most are lead to reveal Sai YAMOTO. You arrive at your destination and Orochimaru is there.

What follows is a battle between Naruto and Orochimaru Naruto apartment fully engaged inThe demon fox with nine tails. The carnage that took place truly epic in proportion, and even Sakura is a cross-fire violations. This led to the development of Naruto is not able to continue Fox-demon for power, or someone you care about could be put forward about. die

More intrigue with Sai occurs, and a brief fight with Sasuke is too low. Naruto (as expected) child is beaten like a red top step, and after that you realize how bad he recovered with Sasuke. ArcNaruto ends with the work his magic on friendship You know, the team was for real.

I give this story arc following dimensions:

History of Development: A significant additions to the distribution and a series of revaluations, the image focuses on.

Action: A + + The battle between Naruto and Orochimaru is appalling. Naruto is from shows like DBZ, separated by power levels of realistic in their "super powers". natural techniques for the peoplecan be a solid knowledge, but those meetings. Naruto Demon Fox release, we see that "superhuman" means in the world of Naruto. Orochimaru is about to be killed, and for every fan of the series, which they say should be something.

Story Arc: B + A good balance between action and character development of the story manages /. Expand the bad things in this graph, one of the things that the show is very bad.

Overall I give it aRated.

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