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Call of Duty 5 multiplayer strategy - Incentive

First, ask what is the most important goal in a game of CT? To kill as many people as possible, while maintaining little or no deaths. Therefore, the benefits received compliments killing (crime) or life (defense).

Now we will reduce a bit 'more. "The best defense is attack." - A popular saying is true in many cases, including the fifth Call of Duty is the logic: if your opponent to attack pressure can not dobut to defend themselves. In defending himself, it is impossible for an aggressive campaign to start is, therefore, end up losing. Overall, the benefits of attacking what you should use it to kill in other words, benefits that helps. Benefits are not sufficient to win the game, you also need a strategy. Until you can put pressure on your opponent, you can almost predict and control their movements, which will give you a big advantage.

The advantages of choice for everyCategory:

Perk 1

Strap is a must to fully automatic weapon. An exception to this rule is the M1A1 rifle, pistol, only because the low recoil and high capacity magazine make you want to squeeze more speed than you should. Because the shoulder? Let's see, a supplement of about 100 cartridges. Core mode, 1-2 is a man kills himself is able to kill 100 people. You can not close that areWith any other perk. There is nothing worse than running out of ammunition on the sixth kill be killed only because they have more ammunition. Also, what is the most common cause of death in Call of Duty? Guns and bullets!

Fresh Tote Bag - The rule for the murder of the tank. Going for the rear license plate. I found the explosives for more effective and stronger than the rocket. The only drawback is that you are a projection distance of the tank. However, firing a rocket is not your position whenstandardized. The explosives can also be good to get rid of the spaces or not, but use them only rarely, as you probably killed while trying to plant the charge.

Bouncing Betty - only if you are sniping. ONLY! I see no other reason, Bouncing Betties with another class to use, because it is supposed to move. A sniper in the general store, get a couple kills, then moves - alone. Bouncing Betties are a sniper can count on the recognition and support.


Stopping Power - I've long and hard about this and have concluded that the stopping power should be used only in Perk Perk 2 slot for various reasons.

damage of weapons has increased. This is especially important if you play a hard core. Stopping Power shave 1-2 laps I needed to kill a person on the basis of the weapon. These 1-2 laps to make a big difference. Even with bolt action rifles, I always use stopping power becauseprovides a single shot to kill. Without stopping power, it could fall two shots at someone with a bolt action rifle, which is not good. You've got to realize one-hit kills and hit braking performance is very simple. Guns like the M1 and M1A1 take 1-2 shots to kill someone with a braking force, depending on the distance and the point of impact. Usually they are also killed, but sometimes you have to press twice. If no power to stop, seeYou will need two shots to kill most of the time at once and kill.
Duration of the Pearl; game braking for the vote and is used in each round to shoot. Perks such as "gas mask" are capitalized only if tabun gas nearby. Tower is on hand when you reload. Camouflage is active only when an enemy plane Recon. And so on and so forth with the rest of the benefits of second Perk simple mathematics and logic should tell youFire your weapon more than any other action in the game (outside of the movement).
Stopping Power Juggernaut cancels. While there are about as hard core about Juggernaut unnecessary and adds little health. It 's still almost as many shots to bring someone with Down Juggernaut. There have been many times when I killed someone with Juggernaut with 1-2 visits to the M1A1. "The best defense is attack." stronger armor spheres? Because in realitycrime, the strengthening of the balls of course. Strengthening the ball quick death = = = more dead spots than on the map.

Perk 3

Deep Impact - There are many types of relationships. Use of this Perk Firearms Non-gunner. SMG rounds and rifle rounds do not penetrate, do not lose this perk SMGS. Instead, use "Deep Impact" with rifles and machine guns. When you start to gain more experience, you have no problem "wall", or "spirits" of people (shootingthrough walls). Furthermore, Call of Duty 5 if you want the crosshair on the enemy for a moment, his name appears in red on the head. Even if they move to cover, you can still his name on the wall that tells you exactly where to shoot. You can also make accurate forecasts on the enemy positions with a plan Recon. If you see that someone is in a building, fire a few rounds in his suspected hideout. Then, when the "x" to strikeBrand, continue to fire until his death. Deep Impact is the most convenient way more than you think!

Steady Aim shoot - it's hip closely. Personally I only use this perk with machine guns and submachine guns are used in small cards. small cards means near where amounts Steady Aim. They relate to almost anyone in ~ 20ft. Steady Aim give, running and gunning name. Do not open carry a weapon on the shoulder and the endat least half a second, an eternity in FPS. This gives you the upper hand to win the first shot, which increases the chances of your very first shot. Marking the first success means that die or meet and a bit 'confused, what you have always prevailed. Couple with a PPSh and you have a combo media.

three honorable mentions Perk

Second Chance - are suffering under the same mistake as many other benefits that are notsaid, the length of service is too short. This benefit is only active when actually dead. This is not the goal of the game does not die and kill as many as possible? Call of Duty 5, too, the ability to revive teammates did. But seriously, how often you see a teammate down there? Most experienced players do not fall under the second chance and some extra shooting after You've Got Mail "is dead", just to be safe. It is also extremely easy to tell when someone SecondChance placed because it has more turns than usual before they tend to absorb the ground with their rifles.

Iron Lung - The Perk was higher in Call of Duty 4, but I think it has little value in the world at war. Since Call of Duty 5 sniper rifles adopted after iron. sites of iron are much higher as oscilloscopes and benefits such as no need to balance the various advantages such as follow-up shots faster than lead rifle. Although the scopeWeapons do more damage than their counterparts in iron, it will kill a sudden bolt action rifle with metallic sights stopping power of a person to drive in kernel mode. Why should you worry about a scope and losing, when viewed from the beautiful iron Perk? Although the sites of iron are difficult to manage, are only as accurate as extended. The only exception I would make to this rule is that if you play on Seelow, because the map is huge and can be the collection of enemiesdifficult. But even with good eyes, the sites of iron are manageable.

Perk 4

Ordinance Training - recharge faster with tank shells on the gun range. Tanks more tanks, a higher probability of killing an enemy. kill the enemy wins. The coaxial machine gun is fine at most, because the MG is in a fixed position, the firing position before using it hard for both. We are for services, with direct help us kill the enemy moves faster(Leadfoot) or turn the turret faster (fat) is not working. Water Cooler is useless, because who is stupid enough to take a tank gun? Each Manning the machine gun on a tank is a simple, immediate objective with limited mobility.

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