Saturday, 29 May 2010

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough Part 56: Sabrina the gym leader

This is part 56 of my guide for Pokemon Leaf Green, of course. In this video I fight the Saffron City Gym Leader, Sabrina. Sabrina is the 6th Gym Leader and is the master of the psychological kind. His team consists of four powerful special attack Pokemon. Heres an overview of his entire team: Kadabra Lv. Future Sight Lv 38-Reflect Psybeam-Calm Mind-Mr. Mime. 37-Psybeam Barrier Baton Pass-Calm Mind Lv VENOMOTH. 38-Psybeam-burst-Leech Life Lv Alakazam supersonic speed. 43-Recover Psychomind-Future Sight-calm * Please note that all Pokemon Sabrina low physical defense physical attack Pokemon excellent job. Good special attack is not so. After defeating Sabrina you receive the badge and TM 04 Marsh calm mind. I subscribe to the inclusion of more, and so stay tuned!


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