Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Music missing in SSBB: Pokemon Gold / Silver Rival Battle

Music should be in Brawl "Part 10": Pokemon Gold / Silver Rival Battle years ago, I wanted this song must be in close combat. And time is still excluded. Very sad. I opted for the version of Pokemon Stadium 2 for the video because it sounds much better than the original Game Boy Music diving (if a bit 'slower than the original). Hopefully it will be a remake of gold / silver, one day, when the green leaf and red, with all the good tunes of the Game Boyrenewed in better versions. Pictures of each other color I used was made by me few moth befor SSBB was released. I was playing around with ideas for alternative costumes. In this case, I tried, as the ashes of the Pokemon TV series and looks radiant in its current form.

Pokemon get mywii

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