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Battlefield 2142 Review by a beginner

Basics of the game Battlefield is that there are two teams around a big huge map, try to maintain control of 5 specific points (flags) for sale. To achieve this goal, each player can choose from a variety of special features, and each team has a number of vehicles available.

Previous Battlefield games is about the conquest game mode, which remains unchanged in 2142, as far as I can judge. While there are some variations, the generalTheme is that each team starts with a limited number of times players can respawn, and more than half of the flags regularly as many of your opponents have exhausted () as well as the killing. I loved it, and eat only a very small number of papers in this mode.

Embarking on APC Titan Titan mode is basically a development of the conquest - You are always ready flags (now in the form of missile silos) to grasp, but this time I'm used to a tangibleTarget. Each team has a huge airship titanium primary basis, and caught fire missile silos at regular intervals to slowly destroy the enemy Titan. This gives a much better bar of your actions to get something - witnesses collection missile silo, a permanent tooth in HP-reserved for the enemy Titan. After inflicting enough damage on Titan, you can press the victory in collision attack from within. I found this action andgoal-oriented game much more satisfying.

Troops from aviation safe. Players must be aware of the learning curve on the battlefield very long and steep, exacerbated by the advantages of an unlocked (see below). Do not expect to set up and blast off like a shot-em-up in the first sentence may be awkward fingers search through the variety of combinations of buttons and everything must be addressed better with a little 'patience. Do not be too keen to connect withOn-line, there is a single-player mode to acquire basic experience, but unlike the small team games players are ineffective, are absorbed by the large number, it locks expected're troops cargo comments. But seriously, please stop having the means of transporting troops, damn it.

Do not leave the vehicle quickly. It takes time to learn the deaths very frustrating that seems beyond your control, "Favorites" in a carrier of a second before it can be done to minimizedives into the ground so that a vehicle, because it is a duty, which blew to pieces, but failed miserably in the tank free of leaf miner, walk in arms are still overwhelmed small group, or the sudden appearance of "back in 10" for no apparent reason, even in the console. If you are the original wish, rub your PC can control the game disc torture lucky bastard with a lighter and a knife, there are many of his joy,had.

There is a trend towards cars. BF Veteran often face this vehicle is much lower than the previous games in which he must have been really bad part. They are much stronger than the infantry, the (unlikely, especially for the demo) that cause damage to armor. While the full game, players can engineer expert in weapons that are much more effective for the purchase of armored troop carriers, is still reserved for the environmentobjectives.

What the goals are much more balanced to the point where a vehicle is a responsibility of intelligent design. It includes use as a targeted weaknesses in the armor, the places to clear mines and gun emplacements for heavy infantry classes offer a chance for others. However, the fact remains that you only have to use, without transport. If you lose your car in an empty room, waiting to be useless for a long, long time. Fortunately spawn areas SiloVehicles in Titan mode, and is a suicide bomber on-screen button class selection.

The most efficient vehicles, helicopters and hikers are also popular - with 16 + players on your team, and usually one or two for all the best men do not always work too often. BF games are often presented as a "sandbox" experience and, of course, players can have a variety of ways to find useful, but may also be that the restrictive measures in which players can --Powers of the vehicle specializes in a single ballot. Instead, the player must have in order to achieve the objectives to be addressed, use it, what a shame in the time available - then the number of medals available, may also assign the points (a substantial) release are rarely Goal Oriented it should be noted that destroys any number "of the Titans' medal, but there is for the expenditure of 10 seconds in Parachute (yes, probably should be considered a medal Halofree fall time ...)

With the large number of destinations and the people who fill them, the games can once again hear a scraping of a skirmish, which can be left to the reader, a bit '. It's quite a contrast, if you have a good leg, with well-designed team players divided into small teams effectively - team play is very rewarding in BF2142, both through performance and through the artificial system points. Games from other clans, usually on a pool of 8 players at most limitedMock exercises large clans, which in Battlefield. Clanning in Battlefield is often more focused public server, but - it quickly becomes clear that all gamers loose affiliation more regularly will be able to find to join a solid team. A good team makes a difference one game can make a lot of fun and makes a very fun game.

In addition, each party has a player, the captain can give commands to the team, as well as other functions such as movingTitanium around, called for air strikes or supply drops. A good commander provides the leadership and team cohesion, increases the probability of winning. Unfortunately, the situation is still attracting good leaders and commanders first highlights does nothing to help. The vote will finally remedy the situation, now cast as a rule, not because of lack of participation, which should improve with time.

Graphically, the pictures are very good and are responsible enoughprobably deserves some credit only if you are in aesthetics. * Each player can own ideas from different forms of screenshots, movies and demonstration, but it is interesting to note the performance is actually quite good. With a 7800, 3700 + AMD64 with 2 GB of RAM everything runs smoothly with high settings, which may not be spectacular, but great outdoors can be a lot if the server can have up to 64 players. I am, however, by a mixture of middle and lowerThe visibility is much better (no fine-tuning important to note BF2142 configuration options and the lack of widescreen). Both teams should be even easier to distinguish, for the infantry, is white with black and between white and black. In practice, friend or enemy is identified by the color of the name floating above them.

Creative X-Fi series of cards are carried by the game and the options screen that appears, you need to get the best sound effects.Stick with my old Audigy sound insignificant, but it is also difficult to fault. Gunfire sounds quite meaty enough vehicles ... motorized positioning could be better in stereo mode.

Lag can be a problem, but given the amount of things that are always crowded, have to use my meager 512K connection, I must say that Netcode usually not too bad. the game is not much "let the powers of courts, so that a small delay could have an impact onother games. Assuming a 32 player server, and my columns, choose wisely, the difference is rarely a problem for the 64-nonsense, which many players may get worse, but better than I expected.

I'm not a big fan of "experience" brings the advantages of artificial systems for experienced players to own n00bs much easier, so you can guess, I think that they can make durable, unlock a cover for "". In addition, a significant investment of time required before it can beVersatile and flexible. Some "unblocked" the weapons are much higher than those initially available, so the adaptation to the demands would result in a penalty. The concept works, but you get more rewards for your efforts and maximize the potential of a particular class is fairly simple. Round Crap? Least you need somewhere closer to unlock it to another.

For some great franchises, each new version brings groans from some quarters of the historical part. BF2142 is no different, withThe main criticism is that BF2142 is just a big change or expansion for Battlefield 2, a game that they felt insufficiently supported. As a beginner, Battlefield, for me the game is very cool, is not whether it is better or worse, but if the entertainment good or not. I can not judge the arguments on evidence that the veteran BF2142 itself does not feel polished and complete.

Printing admires the "almost 18 monthsDevelopment ", but this is a short period of time for a triple-A titles, and it shows. Many aspects of the game is a sense that needs a good six months working correctly installed. Titan mode is most affected, and all ' domestic players often stick to what they are hiding behind Whiz tracer float through walls, mines through floors solid, "injured" players come to titanium, which makes it difficult to revive. I do not want to moan about all the mistakes, because the Bugsbut it is possible via patch - most of which I am eating is just a patch already established, although some of these problems were certainly not gone unnoticed, despite being subjected to quality assurance.

A cynic might wonder if the day of its publication there was a smile or two in the offices of id Software. BF2142 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, two games clear of the competition, should be published in the same period. Id does not run in a release date of Red Herring, and EA are trying to build its first on the market?BF2142 was released, as announced, but apparently a few months too early, so that ETQW is delayed by several months - maybe it has happened, if it is not? Manufacturer of PC gaming, id Software included, in general, seem more concerned about the state of the platform for the fact that competitors games, but I definitely fall for such a trick that I put all my chips EA bet.

Battlefield is a cash cow for EA franchises, and milk, they drive. When you open the window, overlooking the famousalarming piece of paper, a brochure, Creative X-Fi, a brochure and an ad page 21 for a game official "Guide" (manual is 24 pages). When you install the game you are prompted to install the software, GameSpy, and if you decide to make it even more files on your hard drive and slipped an invitation to the installation folder in the Start Menu. So that you will be asked to register the purchase with EA for the release of their personal data and a comprehensive study of marketing. TheInvestigation promised a freebie - no free unlock, but the point is trivial.

All corners are treated in the pursuit of revenue for most games, there is a free, dedicated servers, but here the server operators have to pay for a license, if you want ranked Battlefield servers. It 'clear that these costs to their customers, the public server that the game had gone completely dependent.

The paper referred to above relates to the monitoring ofIn-game advertising, a subject that deserves an article itself. I do not go crazy about advertising in games, and it is difficult to grasp their subject in the eye, as it should be for the year 2142, during an ice age and the whole world into war. The ads are not yet activated, but there are a large number of billboards to find the probable location, my impression is that they interfere with something from the theme, but otherwise not find their way. Server host must be terribly painful buttocknow they are paying for all hardware, bandwidth, and livelihood (not to mention the taxes and Rank) charges are it is crucial for the game and also in advertisements for players on their servers? Consumers should ask themselves why they are bombarded with marketing and have received no bonus.

Copyright protection is further evidence of the emphasis on revenue. CD-are the keys to the installation and on-line authentication is required, which is too highrequire the DVD in your drive to play on-line. What is the cost to protect the copyright anyway?

Battlefield 2142 game is fun and interesting, despite its flaws. Make a site with reviews, assessments are divided into categories, and I had to give a good 7 or 8 out of 10 for all he deserves it for graphics, sound, games - all the usual categories. A number of other things, draws down, you sigh as you should be smiling. Granted, some ofThese problems are solvable on the type, but if the comments of the court BF2 player, I'm so optimistic, despite the promises. One may wonder whether this is a very interesting game when there is less emphasis on revenue and more on development.

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