Saturday, 14 November 2009

5 Free Games You HAVE to Play

There is an incredible number of games on the Internet, and not very many of them are very good. In fact, most people would rather light to play in the pants on fire, as a flash game. There are several gems exist, however, and this week I bring you some of my favorites. Each game has a link to either play or download the software in question.

# 5: Echoes

Combine Asteroids, Geometry Wars, and some playing with shields and that's basically what you get. YouControl your ship with the mouse, and the ship is constantly shooting in one direction. You can rotate the direction in which the ship by tapping the respective WASD keys.

Giant meteors racing onto your ship again and again, like in Asteroids, the larger ones into smaller, after you shoot it. As you progress, maybe small blue enemies and waves of black holes, red ships in like snakes, and giant blue enemies get upset at you like heart --Conditions for a hot dog eating contest. You do not have lives or bombs, but a health bar and a shield around your ship, the less true with each other later in your horrible, flaming death. I know it sounds like a touch of fun and excitement! And is it!


Just as much fun as Geometry Wars, probably
Fun graphics and special effects
Good selection of modes
Small download size


May your eyes bleed
Extremely long start-upTime loading the game

# 4: Stick Arena

I would like this game, like a fat boy wants to WiiWare liposuction. The game is an online multiplayer top down shooter. It's quick and painless to join a room and if you do you do in a kind of real-time chess game of short-range, long-range throw and mid-range weapons, which will completely change your strategy depending on what weapon you have. The rifle kills three hits, but loading is so slow, every shot counts. The AK-47is fast and deadly, but you must be able to return fire, hold strafe, while still a constant target on spastic opponents. The sledgehammer kills in one hit, but the selection is terrible and the attack time is slow, so you have to use the walls to separate you from others, so you can jump out and surprise you. You really have to play the game for yourself to appreciate it, but I maintain that it should be released on WiiWare, it was the biggest game for theService.


Good selection of cards
Overall, fantastic gameplay
Easy account management
Fun System rewards for good grades


Community riddled with hackers who ruin games
30-second ads in between the games

# 3: You Found the Grappling Hook!

Okay, first off, is this game butt ugly. It looks like an Atari 2600 had a child with the delayed original Pong machine, and someone has the game for this system. Now, with that out of the way, I havehas to praise this game for its originality. They are a kind person pixels or something, and you can use a grappling hook to shoot. Not very surprising, of course, but the swing mechanics are pretty fun when you get used to it, and you will have many opportunities because you have unlimited lives (THANKS). Now you will think that all will try on this game until the end coming, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the "his surprise plot twist, it's what you think is the end of the game. I will not spoil allfurther. Play this junk.


Awesome, retro feel
Cool twist to the gameplay to about half the way
Indefinite life


The controls are unforgiving

# 2: N

You already know what that is. For the love of nineteen, George Foreman and a half children, please do not download the 360 version of the game. There is a free version online, with more than 500 fantastic levels. I seriously believe that this is the hardcore gamer's platform game of all timecreated. The physics are great, and the feeling of fulfillment of Beat obtain the values (after the game will be heated) is immense. I will say no more. Just load it goes.


500 steps
Thousands of user-created levels available for download
The best physics engine in a 2D game of all time.


Really, really hard.

# 1: You Have To Burn The Rope

There's really nothing to say about this game because it's only about 45 seconds long. I thinkIt may be the best 45 seconds of my life, gaming, however, and the end song is probably better than Portal "Stay Alive". This can be seen another "-for-yourself" type of game. All I can say is that after you play it you will agree that anyone who has not yet a real gamer. No joke.





So there in the list. If you are only a game, it will be the last. But you're an idiot if you do not play them all. No pressure. Give a few other games I mighthave not played me down with the comment system.

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