Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Final Fantasy 14 Guide

About Final Fantasy 14 or FF XIV Even though the name says Final Fantasy but we players know that it is nothing near final for this game, and the game has finally come to fourteenth edition. This FF XIV introduces new elements in the game. Having useful advice from proficient players helps a lot if you want to be mastery with this Final Fantasy 14 Starting Out When you make decision to create your character, there are things you need to know about each race this Final Fantasy 14 offers you. Knowing the races of Eorzea and carefully compare their stats can help you make the right decision to play. Even though all races are similar in starting stats, you will be much happy to play your own designed character with the right character and stats, meaning that if you want to play and be the best with melee class, you would surely want to select the right melee class and start out with the classes that have advantages in melee stats such as the Highlander Hyur. So, start off by comparing each race and make decision carefully which character and class to play.

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